Litoral – Baltic Diving Base

Diving Base

For years, M/Y Litoral is a marine diving base that enables diving and a full range of underwater and hydrotechnical works. Supplies a full range of facilities for divers and provides a bank of gases.

Nurkowanie wrakowe w Bałtyku

Transport of cargo in Gdansk Bay

Transport ładunku z portu na rede

We transport goods. Mainly it is the delivery of cargo between the quay and vessels moored on the roadstead of the port. M/Y Litoral is equipped with a knuckle boom crane.

Fast transport of people

Neo Pilot is a pilot boat that allows a quickly move around the Bay of Gdańsk.

pilot 5

Short film about Litoral 🎥

Short film Litoral (2020) – realization: Free Frog TV